Danial Petro


The purpose of the project is construction of 42-inch crude oil pipeline of Goreh/Jask to transfer light and heavy crude oil for export and to transfer crude oil of the western Karon area to Jask region, to store crude oil in the Jask region for export. The length of the Pipeline is 995 km. There are 5 pump stations, 2 pig launcher and receiver facilities in the way for transferring 1 million heavy crude oil barrels per day. The first pump station is near Asia Petro Omid Tank Facilities in Bushehr Province 25 km from Genaveh city. The end of this pipeline is Jask Terminal.

  • WHERE:

    Fars Province

  • WHEN:

    17 April 2019- In progress

  • TYPE:



    Sazeh Co.




    Danial Petro-Tarhandishan Joint Venture

The project

Part 2 of Goreh/Jask pipeline has awarded to Danial Petro-Tarhandishan Joint venture. The length of Part 2 is 134 km and is located between pump station No. 3 (Kordeh) in km 305 and pump station No. 4 (Fedagh) in km 439. Pump House No. 3 is located in Fars province, 70 km north / northwest of Asaluyeh port and 7.5 km northwest of Kordeh and pump house No. 4 in Fars province, 90 km north / northeast of Asaluyeh port and 1.5 km north/ northeast of Fedagh.

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