Danial Petro


The 36-inch pipeline from Asaluyeh facilities to Bandar Abbas terminal has been constructed by Nasr Joint Venture. The joint Venture consists of Nasr Misagh Ahvaz, Setiran and Jahad Nasr Kerman. Danial petro as Contractor of Nasr Misagh Ahvaz has done remaining works of Nasr Misagh includes construction 400 km 36-inch pipeline with capacity 500,000 barrels of gas condensate per day from Asaluyeh’s Pumping station to Bandar Abbas Terminal. Then, the operation and maintenance of this project has been awarded to Danial petro Company.

The contract includes:

  • Transmission of (gas condensate) from Asaluyeh facilities through the pump station and pipeline to Bandar Abbas terminal and delivery to the refinery.
  • Keep the transmission system active without interruption
  • Carrying out all repairs of mechanical equipment such as electric pumps, valves, pipes and high voltage and low voltage electrical systems, precision and all industrial and non-industrial buildings, inform the client about repairs, setting the minutes and then taking the necessary steps for repairs.
  • Maintenance of all pipeline technical buildings
  • Repairs and reconstruction of the pipeline
  • WHERE:

    Asaluyeh in Bushehr Province /Bandar Abbas in Hormozgan Province

  • WHEN:

    21 November 2012- 22 September 2019

  • TYPE:

    Maintenance & Operation




    Persian Gulf Star Oil


    Danial Petro

The project

The operation and maintenance of the pipeline and connected facilities was in charge of Danial Petro for 7 years. The contract closed in September 2019

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